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Faculty- Led Group Leader

The following excerpt is from a letter written by Dr. KC Morrison, formally of the University of Missouri (Columbia), to Dr. Michael Williams, Chairman of the Aya Centre.  It is in reference to a Winter Session the Aya Centre organized for a group of students from the University of Missouri that visited Ghana under Dr. Morrison’s direction.

Hi Michael,

What can I say? An immense thank you! You and your staff did a tour de force program and associated arrangements for us! I could not have been more pleased at the manner in which things had been organized, how the staff comported themselves, and with all of the housing and travel accommodations. It was splendid all around.

While I have not done a comprehensive survey of the students, from everything I have heard and seen they share my sentiments entirely. (I will be doing a broader evaluation later and will share the results with you.)

And as for our students, it gives me an immense amount of pleasure that we managed to hold together as a community while out there; that we had no major illnesses; and, that despite their being routine college students from the USA, their comportment held up and their interest and participation remained at the highest levels. Then everybody has gotten safely back home.

It was great to see you for this spell and to find Ghana in its normal fine and seductive shape. The International Center has scheduled me for a promotional session with students in two weeks. SO, I assume that means that we are planning for the next trip already. I hope so–this one certainly presented a fine demonstration of the workability of the concept.

KC Morrison, Ph.D.


Faculty- Led Group Leader - 2

The following correspondence was written by Dr. John Pfautz, of Augustana College, to the Chair of the Aya Centre, Dr. Michael Williams, and one of its Programme Officers, Mr. Sena Gadzekpo. It is in reference to a Winter Session, Service Learning Program the Aya Centre organized for a group of students from Augustana College.

Hi Michael and Sena:

Please also forward this to George.

I want to send my heartfelt thanks for all that you do for us.  Your preparation and execution of the program was done very well.  Thanks very much for your efficiency, as well as the high quality of programming that you provided for us.  Todd and I are very pleased that we were able to provide this pilot program of immersion which could not have been possible without your careful assistance.  Thank you for handling the headaches with the homestays and internships.  Those problems were few, but needed changes to happen fast, and you guys responded quickly and efficiently.  Sena was invaluable when we were out of Accra able to negotiate and deflect the stressful negotiations away from us.  The students warmed to him a great deal and wholeheartedly embraced him as part of the group.

The Aya Centre is in good hands and provides an important service.  Thanks for all you do.  We hope to put another group of students into your hands during the Spring of 2015.

Please express our gratitude to Nii and Martin, as well as Timothy and the others at Aya Centre.

Thanks again.

John Pfautz