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The Aya Centre is a single-purpose, multi-service organization designed to enhance the learning experience and cultural awareness of persons traveling to Ghana.  We are  also committed to contributing to the development of Ghana in particular and  Africa in general. Towards this end, we are able to provide groups with opportunities to engage in a variety of learning experiences during their stay in Ghana including classroom instruction, community service projects, and internship arrangements.  In short, at the Aya Centre depending on you and/or your group’s unique interests, needs, preferences, and goals we can make all of the necessary arrangements to ensure that your time  in the Republic of Ghana is well spent!

The Aya Symbol

The Aya symbol is one of the famous Adinkra symbols of Ghana.  Although they were first used by the Asante, the Adinkra symbols are now embraced by the entire Ghanaian population and have become uniquely Ghanaian. In addition to providing aesthetic value, the Adinkra symbols also reflect the philosophical outlook of the people in the form of non-verbal expressions of proverbs, parables and maxims.  Aya stands for endurance and defiance of difficulties  in all aspects of human endeavoUr.  It stresses the need for human beings to be strong-willed, self-reliant and resourceful in order to meet the uncertainties of life.  These are the characteristics that  we at the Aya Centre try our best to exemplify.


aya symbol (Study Abroad in the republic of Ghana)

The Third Triennial Conference

Study Abroad in The Republic of Ghana: Preparing Students for Global Citizenship.

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Transportation & Lodging

To any destination, we can provide the ideal means of transportation to match the transportation needs of your group. Whether you need an SUV, Minivan, or Large bus, the Aya Centre can always provide you with top quality transportation service.

Seminar Arrangement

The Aya Centre organizes seminars to suit the unique interest of various groups, regardless of subject matter. For nearly ten years, now, we have been organizing educational seminars for universities, institutes, youth organizations and churches from around the world.

Service Learning

Service Learning is one of the most dynamic areas within the field of international education. These days, students who apply for study abroad programs are less interested in just sitting in classrooms for long hours or simply taking long field trips ...

Community Service

The Aya Centre can provide an assortment of opportunities for groups traveling to Ghana who would like to contribute to community development in Ghana. From one afternoon to several months, community service projects can be organized for individuals as well as groups of all sizes ...

Research Support

The Aya Centre is equipped to assist persons interested in conducting research about Ghana, the West African sub-region, and/or the entire African continent. From conceptualization to the analysis of data, the Aya Centre can provide the necessary support,logistics, expertise, and equipment that researchers need ...

Environmental Protection - NGO

Kids Going Green for Ghana (KGGG) is a youth-based, environmental organization designed to raise the awareness of Ghanaian children (and adults) about the urgent necessity of protecting and maintaining the environmental integrity of Mother Ghana.

“The Kumasi Open Market was intense, the canopy walk was exciting and the slave castle was emotional and chilling.”

- Edmundo Yepez

Study Abroad Student

“My trip to Ghana has changed my views, thoughts, and beliefs”

- Sean Charvez

Study Abroad Student

“This is the greatest study abroad program out there.”

-Benyam Goitom

Study Abroad Student

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