Testimonial 3: Students on Wintersession Program

The Aya Centre made arrangements for the two-week visit of a group of students from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.  Below are some of their unedited comments:


"I absolutely enjoyed the canopy walk and the tour of Tema. Those, along with the visit to the elementary school really stuck out in my mind.  The trip has surely been a trip of a lifetime that I will never forget."


--Jose Vargas

"I learned so much about this country; I talk to people here in the U.S. and tell about this country as if it were mine.  I will cherish this experience and will never forget it.  This is the greatest study abroad program out there."


--Benyam Goitom

"My trip to Ghana has changed my views, thoughts, and beliefs.  I feel more tolerant, cultured, and possess a yearning to travel again and soon to interact with the surrounding nations to be able to benefit from others."


--Sean Chavez

"There were several components of the trip that I enjoyed.  The Kumasi Open Market was intense; the canopy walk was exciting; and the slave castle was emotional and chilling.  I am happy to have interacted, talked, and made friends with so many people."


--Edmundo Yepez

"This trip was an absolute blast.  There were so many eye-opening and enlightening experiences.  From the canopy walk to the radio show there were so many bonds and memories that will last a lifetime."


--Spencer Heckwolf

"This trip was everything I could ask for and more.  The trip gives you a newfound appreciation.  I was exhausted by the time we got back to the hotel. It was a trip that I will never forget because of the activities: canopy walk, the beach, playing soccer, etc.  I would gladly do it again."



"The trip was great.   Never in my wildest dreams  did I think I would ever be able to come to Africa.  Every aspect was a gift.  Being immersed into such a rich and vivacious culture was more than I could ever hope for.  Each person I encountered during my 2 weeks contributed a little bit of my life and I will never forget him or her."


-- Tammie Velasquez

"This was the trip of a lifetime and I’m glad I had the opportunity to be a part of it.  This was my first time traveling outside of the country and on a plane.  I can say that Ghana was the beginning of my travel endeavors.  I learned so much about Ghana and I look forward to learning about other cultures."


--Nancy Perez

"My experience in Ghana has challenged many misconceptions I’ve had about Africa and have again reminded me to make and effort in not being judgmental based on stereotypes. I believe that I have grown as an individual with a better understanding of social relations and social theories."


--Jocelyn Sia

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